• ottotredici logo

    Established by designers Annalisa Giuntini and Paolo Panerai, 813 Ottotredici is a luxury Italian label known for its handcrafted and hand-finished scarves. The finest cashmeres, silks and linens are used for traditionally produced, beautiful accessorizing must-haves. Ethereally printed in romantic designs and rich, kaleidoscope colors, 813 Ottotredici scarves are perfect thrown over any day or night outfit. Sumptuous, feather-light fabrics give an unmistakably premium feel to these elegant pieces.

  • after & again logo

    After & Again is a contemporary art platform celebrating age-old traditions of textile making. Their mission is to help sustain these ancient textile techniques and educate the fine arts community about cultural significance of these crafts as integral to their shared experiences. They invite master textile artisans to collaborate with contemporary artists to create fine art textile-based limited editions.

  • alkemie logo

    Forged from 100% reclaimed metals, husband-and-wife design team Ashley Lowengrub & Dara Gerson’s unique jewelry is equal parts art and accessory. By creating new designs from existing materials in abundance - all handmade, alkemie’s mission is to translate something that would otherwise be landfill-bound in wearable art.

  • bodell logo

    Based in Los Angeles, traditional pencil sketches, killer fabrics and meticulous hand placed details are the building blocks of every Sheri Bodell collection. Designing all of her own fabrics in-house keeps Sheri Bodell pieces forever individual. (She even gives each design its own name). Rife with intricate details and signature hardware such as metal studding orchestrated into a chevron design or jackets juxtaposed as statement pieces; Bodell manages to keep the overall look ageless and timeless without sacrificing its undeniable uniqueness - much like a delicate snowflake.

  • Pin1876 by Botto Giuseppe logo

    Pin1876 by Botto Giuseppe has supplied fabric for all the top designers and accessories firms for years. With an understanding of the need for value in this ever-demanding market, Pin1876 by Botto Giuseppe has launched a proprietary fashion scarf and accessories line made of the finest 100% cashmere, linen and silk jerseys in exclusive knits and dyes. Pin1876 by Botto Giuseppe has made Italian fashion what it is today and what it will be for the future. The collection holds even newer and cooler styles, which clients are going crazy for.

  • Campomaggi logo

    In 1970, YSL created the rich hippie look and turned couture and fashion upside down. Marco Campomaggi, artist and sculptor, pays homage to this fashion genre with his collection of handmade, bohemian bags and accessories; all produced by Tuscan artisans.

  • Caterina Lucchi logo

    The much coveted Caterina Lucchi designer leather bags play with a wide range of textures and colors to fashion the perfect accessory for the self-confident woman, one who knows what she wants and where she wants to go. Caterina Lucchi combines quality and tradition to create designs for today's woman.

  • Controfigura Collection logo

    A ready to wear collection from the producers of Ottotredici made of vintage prints on silk and viscose.

  • Emanuele Maffeis logo

    The Company founded in Bergamo in 1958 by Emanuele Maffeis, who enjoyed the legacy of generations of knowledge, and resulted in the creation of a shirt of the highest quality within the tradition of the Italian textile industry.

  • gallery dept logo

    Gallery Dept. in a unisex clothing store based in Los Angeles, CA. Their home office includes their retail store front and everything from design and production to branding. With each garment, they strive to repurpose and re-imagine which inspires them into something new. Their goal is to create compelling product without sacrificing quality or artistic integrity. They believe in creating a unique experience and doing things a little differently - like combining vintage with street wear. Their philosophy is simple: Collaborate, Create, and Rebel.

  • Ghost London logo

    Launched three decades ago Ghost is a heritage London fashion house producing contemporary, luxurious clothing.

  • Kali Joshi logo

    This collection is driven by passion for colorful, vibrant textiles. Nandita Joshi is dedicated to preserving the old art and craftsmanship of India. Her careful production supports many small craft communities, by producing timeless clothing and keeping a contemporary flair. Beading and embroidery on fine silks and cottons are the fundamental elements which define and shape the collection of tunics, caftans, and easy pieces for day and night. Nandita Joshi is produced in limited quantities keeping us intrigued and passionate about each piece.

  • Labo Art logo

    Designer and founder Ludovica Diligu grew up surrounded by architects, which doesn’t go unnoticed in her designs. Minimal elegance, modern shapes, and top-quality materials make up this brand.

  • Lan Jaenicke logo

    Lan Jaenicke is a line of luxury woman’s wear noted for their minimalist and sophisticated in fabric, styling, and versatility. The brand was established in 2008 with a small collection of cashmere coats and jackets there were instantly successful, and continues to be a brand signature. Jaenicke’s tailoring features details typically found with men’s bespoke suiting along with the hallmarks of haute couture, such a blind or French seams, or handmade snap buttons. It is this attention to detail that has already made Lan Jaenicke a favorite with a discreet and sophisticated international clientele.

  • Lemuria logo

    Conceptual and experimental products. Lemuria has achieved its success thanks to the multifunctionality and innovation of its collections. The productions of the collection is made in the designer’s factory located in Perguia Italy.

  • Lisa Corti logo

    Lisa Corti designs her creations in Italy, but each and every piece of her collections are produced in India by specialized artisans, working manually and monitoring every single stage of production, from the weaving and dying of the cotton through to the manual printing on the fabric using the ancient block print technique.

  • Parker Blue logo

    Introduces a greatly expanded product line of stretch, fine gauge, open stitch, hand knit, stripe cashmere and double knit, jersey, rib and metallic tees at incredible prices.

  • Pink Memories logo

    Founded in 2007 becomes, with its own personality and style became a known brand in Italian fashion. Pink Memories is a femininity elegance, beauty, seduction that charms and disarms through seductions necklines, soft fabrics and printed silks. Every garment is created with romantic ideas, but never common, that let people see a glimpse of contemporary and refined soul, always well-disposed to changes and transformations.

  • Sword logo

    SWORD Italy, beautiful embelished vintage-looking leathers.

  • Temptation Positano logo

    Created in the heart of the Amalfi coast, in the picturesque Positano, the brand "Temptation" draws inspiration for its fashion collections from these places with a unique appeal, where nature leaves people to imbibe themselves with heady smells and colours. It's been starring for 40 years in this adventure in the world of fashion. Our company and our stylist's work on clothes, which are unique items and can be appreciated for their quality.